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The Shifters Auto Club history club started in 1955 with about 16 guys. Their first meetings were held at Motor Mart Auto Parts on Montcalm in Pontiac, Michigan. Some of their early activities were reliability runs. For these activites, members would help motorist that were broke down on the road and when repairs were made they would give the motorist a card telling them they were just helped by Shifters Auto Club.

The club joined Michigan Hot Rod Assocation 3 or 4 months after the Shifters were formed . By 1958, MHRA had grown to 35 clubs .

In 1956-57, the MHRA started a drag strip at New Baltimore, each club was required to work 1 or 2 weekends a year at the strip . Later the strip was sold as membership and money slowed . Today shifters auto club has 22 members with a cap on members and a list of people who want to join. Each member must have a special interest or hot rod car to join we hope you enjoy our page.

-Dave Corbin

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21 Members
6:30pm - 1st Tuesday of each month
Club Contacts

President - Dave Singles

Club Rep. - Dave Corbin (248) 496-7946

Alt. Rep. - Ed Micol

Recording Sec. - Eric Stanford

Treasurer - Dave Nelson