Barn 30

The 30th Annual Barn Show - Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hosted by the Road Knights Auto Club
& The Friends of the Barn

Location: Corner of Middlebelt & West Chicago - Livonia, MI

Registration Flyer (PDF)


The year was 1987, twenty-five years ago.  The average cost of a new car was just under $10,000.  The national average for a gallon of gas was 89 cents.  “Fatal Attraction” was causing quite a stir in the theaters, and The Road Knights Auto Club was working hard to produce the first “Barn Show” The Road Knights are a Charter Club of the MHRA.  Established in 1951, and continually involved in Hot Rodding, Street Rodding, Racing and Autorama ever sense.  In 1987 it seemed the natural next step would be to put on a Car Show.  The first show that was planned, organized and produced by The Road Knight’s, was a big success, and brought in 150 cars.  The Barn Show will be enjoying its silver anniversary on June 10th 2012.  When the 25th Annual Barn Show will once again take place at the picturesque and historical Wilson Dairy Barn in Livonia Michigan. The Wilson Barn and surrounding area, make a perfect backdrop for the show.  With a park like atmosphere, and a mixture of mature trees, gently rolling grounds as well as level open show field.  The Friends of the Wilson Barn (who take care of and maintain this historical structure and surrounding property with proceeds they earn from this event), are partners with The Road Knights in the Barn Show. Both organizations working hard together to put on a first class car show that has attracted a national publication for a feature article over the years. For twenty-five years, The Barn Show has always been tailored to be a real family oriented event for all auto enthusiasts.  It features a large number of classes and special awards, live entertainment, swap meet, and a craft show for the ladies and activities for the kids.  There’s always something going on.  Anything   you could want in a car show, can be found at The Barn.  And with twenty-five years of experience, it runs like clockwork. The top honor at the Barn Show is called “The Road Knight’s Pick”.  It is selected by a special committee of Road Knights that single out a car they feel exemplifies the most outstanding car in the entire show field.  It usually averages around 500 entries, but has enjoyed a record of 630 entries.  Because of the high level of quality cars that are found at the Barn Show, this special committee usually has a big job, with several visits to each car that is considered, until it’s finally narrowed down to one.  The reason such care is taken in choosing this special award, is that the car chosen will be used for the artwork on the shows T-shirts, flyers and show posters for the following year.      For many people, the Road Knights and Friends of the Barn’s “Barn Show” is a must attend event.  Being the 25th annual, this is defiantly not the one to miss.  So mark your calendars for June 10th and come help celebrate something that has for so many people become a tradition and an “absolute must attend” on their list of car shows for the year.

Thanks to all that helped & attended the 2011 Barn Show!

For Swap Meet: Harry Mcauliffe (313) 534-5974

Show Co-Chairmen: Bill Bowman & Les Tawse




Road Knights Board Members

President: Scott Paxson

Vice President: Ron York

Secretary: Al Tawse

Treasurer: Billy Bowman

Club Representative: Glenn Rohder

Alt. Club Representative: Al Tawse


21 Members .... 8pm - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Call President for location


The Road Knights - 60th Anniversary!

Archive from Detroit Autorama '01

The Autorama, as in years past, recognizes a participating club and allows them floor space for a special display. The honoree for the 2001 Autorama is the Road Knights of Detroit, celebrated 50 years of activities. Who would have thought that a group of friends from Cooley HS in northwest Detroit, who formed a sort of rod/social club, would still be around 50 years later with five members having over 25 years membership? The longest active member is Harry McAuliffe, with 49 years.

Road Knights joined the Michigan Hot Rod Association in '52 and became partof hot rod shows around that time in the Detroit area. They were drag racing flathead Ford powered rail at the time; in the 60's an injected small block powered front engine dragster; and early 70's a rear engined Logge Bros injected big block Chevy dragster. Now it is mainly a street rod club, with a few drag cars still tucked away.

They are best know for the "BARN SHOW". This will be their 15th year of hosting the Wilson Barn Show during the month of June, with participation from all members, in cooperation with the Friends of the Barn, and the blessings from the City of Livonia. The club uses it's proceeds from the show to support local charities and to further promote safe street rodding. They are one of the oldest clubs in the area and one of the seven that form the MHRA.













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