Motor City Modified Auto Club was formed by a group of auto enthusiasts or "Hot Rodders" in 1948. In the early years they met at a restaurant on Fenkell called "The Cardinal Hut" named after the Cooley High School Mascot. In the late fifties and early sixties the club met in the basement of the Detroit Police Department 16th Precinct. At that time, membership was over one hundred.

A favorite activity after meeting was to go out to the Northwestern Highway which did not have a speed limit and run top end. McCulloch Blown Caddy and Olds powered rods usually won.

Later in the sixties, meetings were held at the home of Frank Burrell and remained there until he passed away, in 1985. Presently, meetings are held at member's homes on a rotating basis.

Past notable members include the Alexander Brothers (custom car builders). the Logghe Brothers (funny car and dragster builders), Angelo Giampetroni (of Gratiot Auto Supply and Ford Motor Sports), the late Frank Burrell (Pioneer hot rodder and innovator) and Bob Larivee (show promoter).

MMAC is currently involved in the selling of Autorama event T-Shirts and scale model cars.

The club presently has approximately forty members and always welcomes new prospective members, particularly younger enthusiasts who have the drive to carry on the tradition.

MMAC Current Board Members:

President: Kevin Barthold

Vice President: Brian Paul

Treasurer: Dave Zimmerman

Secretary: Tom Stepp

Call for meeting place...

first Tuesday of the month.



Brian Paul's 2006 Detroit Autorama Pics




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