Hi, Car Enthusiasts:

For almost 30 years now, MHRA has produced the Calendar of Events. The project began in the very early 1980’s with a meeting at Autorama, with clubs who were producing swap meets, shows etc. This meeting allowed clubs to reschedule their event when it was discovered that there was a conflict with another event. After the meeting, a list was prepared, sent to a printer and then distributed. The list started with 20-25 events….for the whole year. How times have changed.

Currently, the C of E contains hundreds of events, but only a small amount of the total events. If we were to try to get most of the events listed, the strip would be 6-7 feet long….very expensive and not very practical. In light of these facts, the Michigan Hot Rod Association has decided to no longer produce the C of E. Instead, we have joined forces with Cruis’news to fill the gap. If you have an event, you may list your event with Cruis’news at no charge. To list your event, simply click on the link at the bottom of this message, which will take you to the instructions for doing so. This link will also offer you a discounted subscription price to Cruis’news.

Thank you for you prior participation, and happy cruisin’ in 2017.

Charlie Rose                               Bob Greer
crose32@comcast.net                 rgreer295@hotmail.com

Listing your Event in Cruis'news and special subscription offer..

Note from Mark (MHRA Webmaster):
For the past 12 years, I have maintained an auto events schedule at www.cruisin-usa.com.
In addition to your Cruis'news submission please forward your event info. to me
I can have most events posted within a day or two . Last year, I had a running list
of nearly 200 events and I have direct links to and from the MHRA site.